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Talent development is an important pillar of the International Song Festival Zeist.

It is crucial for the careers of young singers and pianists to continue developing after their studies. The master class provides that opportunity. During the master class, young, (pre)professional song duos get the chance to learn from the greats in the business. In recent years, these have included Robert Holl, Elly Ameling, Ann Murray, Graham Johnson, Malcolm Martineau and Julius Drake. To keep the masterclass affordable for young professionals and to ensure its quality, additional resources are needed. The Masterclass Fund was set up for this purpose.


The master class is an essential part of the festival, which aims to support young, promising musicians in developing their performance practice. During this intensive, multi-day interpretation course, song duos are approached as an inseparable unit. Attention is paid to technique, text interpretation, the value the music adds to the text and stage presentation. As such, the International Song Festival Zeist offers a unique working method and perspective. Participants must already have a high level before they are admitted, after a careful selection procedure.

The Young Artist Platform is the next step in supporting the careers of young singers and pianists who want to dedicate themselves to the interpretation of song. Duos who have what it takes to rise to the top will have the chance to present themselves to a professional jury and the public, and compete for two engagement prizes.

masterclass fund

The Masterclass Fund was set up to guarantee the high quality of the masterclass for the future and to make the Young Artist Platform possible. In addition, where necessary, the fund offers young professionals, who are still at the beginning of their careers, financial support so that the masterclass is affordable for them.

become a patron

As a patron, you undertake to make an annual donation of at least €500 for a continuous period of five years. Both individuals and companies can become patrons. Periodic donations are fiscally attractive as they can be deducted from income or corporate tax without limitation. Your donation is recorded in a Periodic Donation Agreement.

to give is also to receive

With your donation to the Fund Masterclass, you support talented, young musicians in realising their dreams. In gratitude for your patronage and your connection to the festival, we invite you and your partner to attend the opening recital, all public sessions of the masterclass and the presentation recital.

In addition, as a friend or patron, you will receive a 10% discount on the admission price of all recitals, day tickets or a passe-partout for the entire festival.

cultural ANBI

The Internationaal Lied Festival Zeist foundation is a cultural ANBI. This means that the Giving Act applies and both individuals and companies have broader tax opportunities to deduct donations.

An example

For a donation to a cultural ANBI of € 1,000, you may declare in your income tax return that you donated € 1,250. You will then receive a tax refund on this € 1,250.00 - depending on your income (in 2023 a maximum of 37%). Over the donation of € 1,000, you can therefore receive up to € 462.50 back from the tax authorities, so on net you pay only € 537.50.

will you become a patron?

Would you like to receive more information about making a periodic donation or becoming a patron? Download the leaflet on the Fund Masterclass here (in Dutch) or send us an e-mail and we will contact you for a personal interview. You can also contact Ton Tekstra by phone at 06 305 47 840.