international master class for song duos 

Every year since the first festival, six song duos have been admitted to our intensive, seven-day master class after a selection period. Bass-baritone Robert Holl's vision of developing artistic eloquence is central. This means: using lived knowledge of music, but also of poetry, literature and cultural history to deepen and strengthen the musicality of the young artists; building an artistic friendship as lived and celebrated by Schubert and his friends.

The public therefore has an important role in this week: during the public master class, they contribute to the students' development through their interest and attention.

In the private sessions, students can work on their performance and deepen their understanding of language, poetry and cultural history. Staying with host families, hanging out together, the informal ambience, the green surroundings of Zeist as well as the Presentation Recital on the second Saturday of the festival all contribute to the result that will stay with the participants for life.

Some Thoughts on the Heart of Art Song

Watch the online master class Some Thoughts on the Heart of Art Song, by Elly Ameling.