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Spring song

Voorjaarsrecital met Maria Warenberg, mezzosopraan en David Bollen, piano: Vertel nog eens, Njanjusjka!

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In memoriam Rudolf Jansen

In memoriam Rudolf Jansen

Thursday, February 15, we received the sad news that Rudolf Jansen passed away on Monday, February 12. He was 84 years old. For over 55 years, he worked as a song pianist with well-known singers ....
The Passion of Zeist

The Passion of Zeist

On Thursday 28 March, The Passion is coming to Zeist. Because singing together connects, the Internationaal Lied Festival Zeist has taken the initiative to commission a song on the occasion....
Soprano Karola Pavone and pianist Boris Radulovic

Soprano Karola Pavone and pianist Boris Radulovic

Soprano Karola Pavone and pianist Boris Radulović participated in the first-ever master classes, gave a recital for emerging talent and, in October 2021, won the first edition of the the...

In the middle of leafy Zeist,

a stone's throw from Slot Zeist, the church of the Evangelical Brethren Church is the concert venue for the International Song Festival Zeist. The combination of song art, in which nature often features so prominently, and the location guarantee hours of listening pleasure.

Tell me more!

festival theme 2024

Human beings have an irrepressible need for stories. To tell them and to hear them. Indeed, a life without stories is no life at all. That is why, for as long as humans have existed, stories have gone around the world. They cut across all cultures, continents and strata of society. Often, ancient narratives from different corners of our planet also correspond in content. Oral stories, written stories, visual stories ... it is an inexhaustible amount.

Our earliest childhood begins with stories. They stimulate our imagination, comfort us or make us wince. And they teach us to distinguish between reality and fiction by pushing boundaries. Don't we all want to learn to understand ourselves and the world better? The magical fusion of text and music, makes songs a moving and intense medium to meet this. The theme of the 2024 festival is therefore: Tell me more! Tell me more! 

From Friday 17 to Sunday 26 May 2024, we will explore knight's tales and courtly love, religious stories and myths and sagas. We will hear tales of war and peace. And of course colourful fairy tales are not missing, such as the tales from One Thousand and One Nights.

Listen and tell with us! Because you will hear the most beautiful songs at Internationaal Lied Festival Zeist.